Hi. My name is

Jake Brabec

A full-stack developer with a passion for problem solving.

About Me

I'm a full-stack developer in the Bay Area. I have a passion for solving problems with the latest technologies. If I'm not coding, I'm probably reading up on the latest tech news. You can view my resume here, or check out some of my past work below.


BartMapper is a simple progressive web application that I created using React. It lets users see upcoming bart schedules with a more intuitive UI than the offical website. You can check it out here.


Mango is an open-source education platform that I developed. Mango allows students and professors to track grades, host files, ask questions, and take attendence. You can view the source code here.


I work on a lot of projects in my free time. You can find my open source work here.

Contact Me

Want to get in touch? You can contact me using the form below.
If email's not your thing, you can find me on LinkedIn.